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Material Handling Systems

Microprocessor Control for Material Handling Systems

The Micro-Scan series takes full control of material handling requirements and enables automatic control of conveying of raw materials. Handles up to 8 vacuum receivers type AVR or SVR.            processor Control for Material Handling Systems


  • On/Off function for each vacuum receiver
  • Adjustable suction time for each vacuum receiver
  • Adjustable pipe clearing time for common solenoid for pipe clearing valve.
  • Alarm for each vacuum receiver for missing material
  • Control of central self-purifying filter if selected
  • Comprehensive 3 year warranty, excl. wear parts.

Basic System comprises:
Micro-Scan Control, Vacuum station with selected blower size,
by-pass valve & safety filter (if req.).

Central cyclones, or self purifying filter
Alarm lamps
Manifolds for 2 or 4 vacuum valves on vacuum station

Con-Evator SVR

Vacuum hopper loader for conveying of free-flowing plastic or powder materials

The Con-Evator SVR is a vacuum hopper loader designed for conveying of free-flowing granules or powder from a bag or bin to the intermediate hopper of the processing machine or another hopper.

Con-Evator with stainless steel hopper and separate control
Control separated from the machine with an extra long cable. Applicable to locations difficult to access at which adjustment of the control may be impeded or for applications requiring a stainless steel hopper.

Con-Evator SVR is available in the following capacities:   

con-evator material handling system

Ease of use, no need for special training.

4, 8, 16, 26, 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 Litre

Comprehensive 3 years warranty, excl. wear parts.

Mini-Feed 05

Automatic compressed air hopper loader

Stainless steel Design and built-in level control

Mini-Feed is designed for automatic conveying of free-flowing, granule shaped plastics raw material from bag or container, to the hopper of a processing machine or another material hopper.

Mini-Feed can only be used if there is clean and dry compressed air.
Suitable for small capacities up to 25 kg/h.

Comprehensive 3 years warranty, excl. wear parts.




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